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DidTheyReadIt is a leader in providing a low cost, easy to use email tracking service. In the last few years we have been featured internationally in newspapers, magazines, and television and our services are used by some of the largest corporations in the world. We are based in Houston, Texas and have branch offices throughout the world.

How many times have you sent an e-mail, only to think, "I wonder if he/she got it?". Despite the fact that e-mail is electronic, it is far from error-proof, and quite often e-mail either doesn't get delivered or is never read. Spam, or junk e-mail, has become such a major part of our daily routines that sometimes legitimate e-mail gets trashed along with the unwanted. In this environment, there is a tremendous need for DidTheyReadIt, which lets you know if your recipients have read your messages. It's safe, easy, and answers the age-old question: "Did they read my e-mail?". DidTheyReadIt answers that question and more, telling you where people read your messages, how long they read them for, and if they were forwarded.

Who uses DidTheyReadIt?

In a word, everyone. Here are just a few examples:
  • A student applying for jobs who wants to know if employers are reading her e-mails.
  • A businessman who sold a DVD player on eBay but hasn't heard back from the buyer. DidTheyReadIt let him know that the buyer was indeed reading his messages.
  • Users of online dating services such as match.com who want to know if their potential dates are reading their messages...or ignoring them.
  • A mother whose child hadn't returned her e-mails. Rather than worrying if her child was ok, the mother knew that her child had read her messages...but just hadn't responded.
  • A business owner who had made an offer to sell a piece of property. He used DidTheyReadIt to track how often the recipient had read his message, and how long the message had been read for. DidTheyReadIt also showed that the message had been forwarded to a law firm.

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When you use didtheyreadit, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked without alerting the recipient.

But when they read your message, you will immediately receive the following information:
Track Your Email  When, exactly, your email was opened.
Receive Email Message Read Receipts  How long your email remained opened.
Check if, when, where, how long your email was read  Where, geographically, your email was viewed.
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